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Good Enough To Eat Sandwiches

Sandwiches are wonderful things, to make and to eat … but you know what?

It’s actually very difficult to make a perfect sandwich, which is often the case with simple food!


When I was growing up in Brussels, there was a place that only opened for lunch, that looked like exactly like someone’s kitchen.

It had three deli cases, three brothers and three lines of people.

When you got to the front of line they would ask “vous voulez?” which means “you want?” (Um yes, of course I do!) … and then you would ask for what ever it was.

Everything was delicious, and fresh and I think the key reason behind this was because everything was sliced super thin. Perfectly thin.

The slice was thick enough to hold the filling, but still thin enough to not be overbearing on the filling. An absolutely perfect ratio – a match made in sandwich heaven! Then with a simple dressing, again enough dressing to cover the filling so it was prominant in every mouthful but was not enough to have the filling swimming!

And the bread well, all bread in Belgium is just wonderful – I’ll never forget that place!

Also at college in the south of France in Aix-en-Provence, there was a food truck with only Pain Bagna, whose name literally translates as ‘bathed bread’. This needs to be prepared well in advance and allowed to marinate. It’s absolutely impossible to eat this snack like a ‘lady’, but that’s a big part of it’s appeal – Yummy!

Pain Bagna is basically a Niçoise salad in a big roll with the white of the bread taken out, drizzled with an almost ‘pesto’ and you chose the fillings.

From those two memories, I worked a long time on perfecting my sandwiches at Good Enough To Eat.

So let’s talk bread:

At Good Enough To Eat, we make seven different types of bread. As discussed earlier about the ‘perfect ratio’, you want the bread to hold up to the filling but not overpower it. Some examples of our breads include; our dill onion which goes well with our fish sandwich at lunch and our wholewheat works well with vegetarian filling and a cheesy dressing. We also make a wonderful French bread with a hangar steak. Pop in to taste them!

A big focus in our kitchen is to create color, texture, and a flavour contrast so when you cut the sandwich in half for service – it looks impressive and tastes delicious.

A couple of tips we have picked up along the way are:

1) It is very important to cut the onion and tomato really thinly or they have the potential to ruin the entire sandwich.

2) When creating texture remember crunchy and soft!

3) Watch out not to fold too much ham or cheese for example – it can mess the whole thing up.

4) Use different kinds of leafs: baby arugula with a bit of balsamic, spinach with blue cheese, iceberg in a wrap, romaine for a chopped salad sandwich ..just to name a few.

6) The cheese: grated with avocado, a melt with tuna and tomato, or thinly sliced in a pressed sandwich.

7) Dressing: pesto, vinaigrette or mayonnaise, lemon dill, cheesy ranch, salsa valvitta (we call it crack sauce because you can’t stop eating it!), Ceasar dressing with everything romaine, spicy shrimp in a red pepper wrap etc.

8) Remember 1/3 is taste, 1/3 is smell 1/3 is what it looks like.

What is so much fun with a sandwich is that you can use everything in your fridge, for example I had a little coleslaw, avocado, lettuce, shredded carrots, tomato, corn, shredded cheddar, cold fried chicken strips and put it all in a flat bread et voila a wonderful meal – And healthy to boot

We would love to hear your sandwich ideas?

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