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I Love the UWS Visits Good Enough to Eat

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If you’re looking for a good down-home meal in New York City then you must check out Good Enough To Eat on Amsterdam Ave and 83rd street. Here they blend their worldly knowledge of the Big Apple’s cutting edge culinary scene, with the rich traditions of good old-fashioned American comfort food. Esteemed chef Carrie Levin, author of two celebrated cookbooks on traditional American cuisine, founded GETE and continues to serve her tasty dishes there every day.

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Sweet In More Ways Than One


Sarah Spigelman from Fritos and Foie Gras shares her experience with our pancakes:

So thick, so fluffy, so airy yet rich and buttery…this is the pancake setting standard. It is substantial enough to stand up to a thick pouring of real maple syrup yet soft enough to cut with only a fork. Lightly vanilla scented, and perfect with the fruity, fragrant strawberry butter. Strawberries might be outta season but they sure do taste great when mixed with unsalted butter.

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-Sarah Spigelman

The Brunch-Lover’s Bible Swears By GETE!


They voted our waffles and omelets top of the list “…Good Enough To Eat, which makes [a waffle] with bits of bacon inside…” and “…its omelet with sharp white cheddar and slices of Granny Smith apple (known as the Gramercy Park)…”

-Brunch Lover's Bible

We Are Everywhere, ELLE Japan Writes…


“The place for fluffy pancakes and cozy space!”

“Good Enough to Eat owner, Carrie Levin, studied cooking in London and when she came back to New York in 1981, she opened her own restaurant to serve “good old” American traditional food, which she felt was disappearing. Blueberry pancakes have blueberries inside as well and are cooked just right fluffy texture, you want to come back to eat them over and over again. Fruits accompanying pancakes change seasonally from blueberries, bananas to apples.”

-ELLE Japan

Gerry Frank, ’08-’09

“…breakfast and brunch: you cannot do better in both categories (and) lunches feature inexpensive and delicious salads, burgers, pizzas and sandwiches…dinner: meatloaf, turkey, pork chops, fish and roast chicken; wonderful pies, cakes and ice cream. This is comfort food at its best.”

“Breakfast Not Brunch” “…the wait on the weekends is ridiculous, so try to go during the week…pumpkin French toast, a “Wall Street” omelet with honey mustard-glazed ham and Vermont cheddar or ‘Peter Paul’ pancakes filled with Belgian chocolate chips, coconut…I’m getting hungry writing this.”

-Gerry Frank

520 Columbus Ave. (At 85th Street) New York, NY, 10024 ~ (212) 496 0163